Wanhao Duplicator 4X 3D Printer in Black Case Single Extruder

895.00 EUR
  • 3DPrima.com is a reseller for 3D-Printers and 3D-Print filaments. We are shipping all over Europe from our own stock. 2 - 4 days delivery
  • ABS & PLA Printing and other materials as well
  • 100-Micron layer resolution, Heated Build platform, Fully assembled & ready to print
  • Duplicator 4X is built around Open Source hardware which makes the support and choice for different print software great. This also ensures that you will have a constant development of new and improved software to control your Duplicator 4X.
  • Package includes: - Duplicator 4X 3D-Printer Ready Assembled - Replicator G Software - SD Memory Card - USB cable - Glass Plate to print on - Manual in English on the SD-Card